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Lake Louise Through the Seasons

Lake Louise through the seasons

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to is Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. A relatively small lake but it is framed by two towering mountains on each side, sprinkled in snow or kissed by the sun.

By winter it is frozen. Covered in ice sculptures, frequented by ice skaters.

By summer the bright blues reflect the brilliant greens in a stark contrast to the pure white glow of the winter.

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9 Reasons to spend your Summer Working on a Camp

Kananskis Country Canada

If there is any better way to recapture your youth than working as a counsellor on a summer camp I’d like to hear it. One day you’ll be floating down a river, the next you’ll be camping in the forest, a tarp and mat your only buffer between you and the elements.

Anyone who went on a camp as a kid, you might partially understand, but working on one as an adult is just as much fun, only you are old enough to appreciate it. There are many reasons a summer spent in the wild is an incredible experience, here are just seven.

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