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5 Caribbean islands that will take your breath away

When searching for a slice of island life in which to spend a few days on vacation, by scrolling through the wonders of the Caribbean you would be hard pressed not to feel spoilt for choice. From relaxing on pristine beaches to hiking up rigorous mountains, there is sure to be something for everyone in this pocket of paradise.

When visiting the Caribbean, quite often it can be hard to go wrong, but when searching for deals, sometimes you just need a bit of a kick start. Here are just 5 islands to get your travel juices flowing.

Incredible sunsets are the highlight of Negril

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Eating with the locals in Negril, Jamaica

I get the best enjoyment from a place when I can immerse myself in another culture. In Negril, this was very difficult, way more so than usual. In between the 7 miles of beach resorts and the obligatory 7 miles of locals flogging shit at bargain prices, beautiful as it was, it seemed impossible to see how the locals actually live without having a form of transport to take me outside of the resorts.

One day however, I stumbled across 2 gems in the space of an hour, all because I went looking.

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What currency should I get when visiting Jamaica?

What currency is best for Jamaica?

As I got off the plane in Montego Bay, Jamaica last year I was of mixed emotions: I was 3 parts filled with that joy you feel when you land in a new country and 1 part uneasy, as I was the proud owner of a grand total of zero of the “local currency”.

Against my better judgement I went to the window and said “$54,000 of your finest Jamaican dollars please”. To which the clerk replied “That’ll be US $600 please”. Having done my homework I already knew this was a poor conversion.

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The best and worst of visiting Negril, Jamaica

Jamaican Flag silhouette

Jamaica: dreadlocks, reggae, relaxed beaches, steel drums, pirates, rum, and of course bobsledding.

These are the first 7 things that instantly come to mind when I think of Jamaica. Through pop culture, stereotypes or both, this pretty well sums up how the world views Jamaica from afar. But what is it actually like?

Is it the idyllic haven that we picture? Does it actually boast miles of uninterrupted sandy coastline to enjoy the sparkling waters? The answer is both yes and no. I have mixed feelings when I look back on my April trip to Jamaica and here’s why:

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