Hi I’m Luke Marlin, founder, blogger and editor of The Backstreet Nomad Travel Blog. I’ve been passionate for travel ever since I traded in the ledger as an accountant for a suitcase and a beer in 2010 to travel and ‘study’ (in that order) across England and Europe. Since then my adventures have taken me to Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, the Pacific, Indonesia, and New Zealand, as well as finding time to explore up and down my own East Coast of Australia.

After reading back through my earliest travel journals there was a theme apparent: that most trips as a beginning traveller focused on the obvious attractions. While not inherently bad (being that these obvious sights were the draw cards in the first place, right?), it has since left a longing to revisit these places and understand more of the cultures, the wider country and to discover the unknown.

Above all, I learnt that flights are not always the best way to explore, even if sometimes it is the cheapest.

A passion for travel has evolved into a passion for finding secrets and it’s time this was shared with the world.

Through this blog I hope to discover some of your favourite places in the world and share some of my own.

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Hanging out at the Devil’s Golf Course in Death Valley, NV.