asa and andri of from ice to spiceToday I have the privilege to introduce you to Ása, of From Ice to Spice. In my opinion this is one of best up and coming travel blogs I’ve seen in the last few months. Ása and her partner Andri left Iceland and have been slow traveling through Asia and already have some pretty incredible stories – and some incredible pictures! Be prepared, I included a lot! But I’ll let Ása tell the story, please make her feel welcome.

When did you discover that you were a travel fiend and what was the influencing factor?

The travel bug has followed both of us for quite a long time. Before we met we were always searching for an opportunity to escape our little island in the middle of the Atlantic, trying to trick friends to join our adventures. Coincidentally both of us decided to find work abroad during summer holidays back in 2010 and we both ended up in Norway, where we first met. Since then we have exploited every opportunity to travel together, the thing we love most! Continue Reading