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3 Day Brisbane Itinerary: The Ultimate Weekend Guide

Brisbane, known to locals as the River City. Known to everyone else as BrisVegas. Not because it’s a hotspot for gambling, more because it’s fun and the name lends itself to such a nickname. If you’re heading to the capital of Queensland for a few days, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite laneways in which to eat, neighbourhoods to drink, and I’ve even thrown in a bonus at the end.

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Australia Zoo: More than Just Crocodiles and Stingrays

This is a guest post authored by Dan Claydon of Wanderpig.

Every year, thousands of people visit Australia Zoo. The home of the infamous Crocodile Hunter and a diverse range of animals, you will be able to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most magnificent species.

Situated on Queensland’s stunning sunshine coast, Australia Zoo not only allows visitors to experience amazing animal encounters, but the zoo is also heavily involved in animal conservation, meaning you’ll be able to learn more about the fantastic work the “Zoo crew” do to help protect some of the world’s most endangered animals.

Kangaroos Lazing around at Australia Zoo, Qld

Offering the ultimate wildlife experience, when you visit the Zoo, you’ll be able to feed the animals, adopt animals and even become a zookeeper for the day. So, it’s definitely worth a visit!

But here’s more about what you can expect when you visit Australia Zoo.

The Irwins

The Irwin family is a massive part of Australia Zoo, and it is mainly thanks to their exceptional efforts and commitment to animal conservation that the zoo is now recognised as one of the biggest and best wildlife conservation parks on the planet.

Steve, Terri, Bindi and Robert have all played a crucial role in creating a haven for over one hundred different species of animals, including the crocodile (Steve Irwin’s favourite). Terri, Bindi and Robert can often be seen working at the zoo, as they carry on the fantastic legacy and work of the late Steve Irwin.

And their love and passion for animals is apparent throughout the zoo, especially when it comes to educating visitors about the world of animal conservation.

Crocodile show at Australia Zoo Qld
Crocodile show at Australia Zoo


Australia Zoo is home to a whole host of amazing animals. From tigers, cheetahs and giraffes, through to lizards, snakes and wombats, Australia Zoo prides itself on creating a great environment for its animals, allowing them to roam freely in environments that are as close to their natural habitat as possible.

Home to a vast range of mammals, birds and reptiles, a visit to Australia Zoo will allow you to observe some of the world’s rarest and most threatened wildlife!

Giant Tortoises at Australia ZooMammals

From Camels, Cheetahs, Dingoes, Echidnas, Giraffes and Goats, through to Kangaroos, Koalas, Lemurs, Red Panda Rhinoceros and Tasmanian Devils, you’re sure to find your favourite mammal at Australia Zoo.

Living mostly on land, aside from Dolphins and Whales, you’ll be able to discover some of the planet’s most misunderstood mammals. But that’s not all you’ll also be able to come into contact with many of the animal kingdom’s least feared, cute and cuddly mammals too, such as the Koala.

Sleeping Koala at the Australia Zoo Qld-2
Sleeping Koala at the Australia Zoo


From Cormorants, Exotic Parrots and Pittas Raptors through to Ratites, Stone Curlews, Storks and Cranes Australia is also home to an extensive range of birds that add a new and exciting dimension to the zoo’s collection of animals.

Cassowary at the Australia Zoo Qld
Cassowary at the Australia Zoo


One of Australia Zoo’s main goals is to change perceptions when it comes to understanding the most feared and misunderstood animals.

And with many reptiles fitting into this category, a lot of the team’s work centres around showing us that we have nothing to fear when it comes to getting up close and personal with reptiles such as venomous snakes, Boas, Crocodilians and Lizards.

Some sort of lizard turtle at the Australia Zoo

Zoo Tours

The perfect way to take in the sights and sounds of Australia Zoo, there are a whole host of Zoo Tours available that will allow you to enjoy behind the scenes animal encounters, observe Australia’s animal experts in action, and even play with and feed a wombat.

From the platinum Zoo Adventure that will allow you to enjoy to the ultimate VIP treatment and the undivided attention of one of Australia Zoo’s expert handlers as you explore the zoo through to the Furry Fun tour that has been designed encourage visitors to meet and feed animals such as Red Panda and Wombats, there are an extensive range of tours to choose from.

Snakes at Australia Zoo, Qld

Other unique experiences include Conservation Crusaders, which will take you on a tour of one of the biggest Wildlife hospitals in the world.

Another popular tour is Extreme animals. If you’re brave enough to commit to this ultimate wildlife experience, you will be able to get hands on with the animal’s kingdoms fiercest animals such as Cheetahs, Rhinos, Tigers and the infamous Komodo Dragon.


Above all, Australia Zoo provides the ultimate animal experience for the entire family to enjoy, allowing kids and big kids to enjoy unique animal encounters, whilst learning lots of animal facts as you explore the zoo in the sunshine.

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Australia Zoo - More than just crocodiles and stingrays

A Whitsundays photo essay: 37 stunning photos that will make you want to teleport there

The Whitsundays are a beautiful part of our world. The National Marine Park is home to 74 islands and Australia’s best beach. It is home to a vast array of wildlife thanks to the coral reef nearby all of which attracts thousands of tourists every year.

I’ve now been to the Whitsundays 4 times and over this time I have amassed an astonishing collection of photos of this incredible scenery: islands, coral, mountains, tropical fish, beaches and even island pools.

If you’re heading to Queensland any time you have to make time to get out there. Airlie Beach, Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, there’s something for every budget. But don’t take my word for it, let the images below tell you why you should visit.

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Bringing in the New Year on Hamilton Island

So last time we spoke I had just gone to bed on a boat docked in Abel Point Marina, Airlie Beach. We had spent the night there in hopes of getting some much needed repairs done due to the ongoing misadventures experienced around the islands and the reef. If you’ve not read it yet, well you don’t have to, but it’s half the story.

Airlie Beach…Again (Dec 30)

It seems weird saying it like this, but since it was a little too wet it wasn’t great weather for swimming yesterday. I guess the temperature wasn’t great either.

So since the sun was out this morning we headed back into town for a swim in Airlie Beach Lagoon. It’s been such a great investment by the council. It is always well kept, there are always life guards on duty and it doesn’t cost a cent to use it.

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Misadventures drifting Through the Whitsunday Islands

The (mis)adventures in the Whitsundays begins – Dec 26

With Christmas barely in our rear view mirror, my family and I set off Sydney to fly to Hamilton Island for 8 nights of cruising around the Whitsunday Islands on a private yacht. I count my self very lucky to not just have this opportunity, but to have had this twice before. 

Hamilton Island from the Air
Hamilton Island from the air. You can the air strip that we are about to land on. (Dent Island is in the fore)

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