Today on the Nomad Files it is my pleasure to introduce to you a fellow Australian travel blogger who has left our shores for cloudy England. Simone has seen a lot of our world and I’m excited to hear what she has in store for us today.

Welcome to The Nomad Files Simone, tell me, when did you discover that you were a travel fiend and what was the influencing factor?

Hiking the Inca Trail Peru
Simone, The Aussie Flashpacker

I was lucky enough to have parents who took us on a lot of holidays when we were growing up! We spent our school holidays on the coast and exploring Australia as a family. Once we were old enough to appreciate it they began taking us to New Zealand for winter holidays that were full of snow, adventure and fun. My favourite was our first trip to New Zealand when we hired a campervan and drove around the whole South Island.

I think the travel bug really began for me though when I was 17 and went on a school Ancient History/Art trip to Italy! I absolutely loved every second of this trip and have been back to Italy three times since and it is still one of my favourite places in the world. Wanderlust runs deep through my veins and I really have my parents to thank for that for taking us on so many adventures throughout our childhood & for awakening my restless spirit! Continue Reading