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Hiking in Seokbulsa, Korea with Eternal Expat

It’s seems like it’s been a few innings between drinks, but today on the Nomad Files we are joined by Laura of Eternal Expat, whose gap year started 6 years ago and just keeps on getting longer.

Thanks for joining us today Laura. Tell me, when did you discover that you were a travel fiend and what was the influencing factor?

I did an exchange semester back in college. I spent five months in Switzerland and met people from all over the world. Together we explored Europe, missed trains, stayed up all night dancing, ate completely new-to-me foods and learned about the history of places I’d never even heard of. I think it was the freedom and independence I felt on the move. My time was entirely my own and I felt so confident, so exhilarated.

Laura Bronner Eternal Expat in Korea

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Korea with an Aussie on the Road | The Nomad Files

Aussie on the Road

Today on The Nomad Files I am joined by Chris Walker-Bush of Aussie on the Road. Chris packed up his life to move half way around the world not knowing what awaited on the other side 7 years ago and in this time has built up the longest, most varied and achievable bucket list I’ve ever seen. Impressively, he both continues to check things off and add to it at a steady pace. Well let’s get into it.

Tell us a bit about your story and what types of adventures you go after.

I was in a bit of a shitty place after graduating from university. I was back in my hometown working a retail job and basically apologising to everybody who expected me to be doing something more exciting with my life. Continue Reading

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