Today on the Nomad Files I am joined by traveler and fellow beer lover Tara Bruton of Travel Geek Tara. Tara is a self-confessed travel geek who combines this with a love of travel. Tara plans her adventures around a 9-5 job and has no prejudice between backpacking or hotel stays, as long as they have good beer.

Thanks for joining us Tara. Tell us a bit more about your story and your blogging style.

In May 2014 I started my travel blog ‘Travel Geek Tara’ sharing my travel stories, tips and photographs.  My aim is to inspire others to travel, and make the most of my time and experiences.

More recently I have started my ‘Happy Friday Travel Beers’ project where followers travel beer photos can be sent in and are shared and posted each week.

Tara Bruton - Beer

Can you let us in on a secret? What is one place or town in the world that you’ve been to that was truly ‘the road less travelled’?

To pick one place I would probably say Zadar in Croatia. I hadn’t really heard of this town before I visited.

I like where this is going. I have visited Split, but never made it to Zadar. What kept your attention while there?

The main attractions are the sea organ and the sun salutation. The sea organ is like nothing I have ever seen or heard before. It takes the movement of the waves and makes a beautiful sound.

The sun salutation collects sunlight in the daytime and creates cool a light show in the evening.

It’s definitely worth a visit just for these two sights and the laid back atmosphere.

Zadar Croatia Sea Organ

That sounds amazing, and so unique! How did you find out about Zadar? 

I had planned to travel through Croatia, starting in Durovnik and Zadar was on the coastal route through before heading inland to Plitvice lakes. I researched it and decided it looked like a cool place to visit!

I think you might have been correct on that one. Tell me a bit about the food. Was it different to anything you’d experienced before?

Being on the coast the seafood here was great! Dalmatian cuisine and casual dining

Can’t beat fish caught and cooked in a coastal village. What about the culture of Zadar? Did you have much interaction with the locals?

The people in Croatia in general were friendly. This town was very laid back and had a great vibe.

Was there anything you actually missed out on doing that you wish you had?

I probably could have spent more time here but I don’t think I missed out.

Zadar Croatia lake

Croatia is also a great place to drive as there is more than just the coast, read this if you’re planning a Croatia road trip

Do you have any tips on getting the most out of a stay in Zadar?

Visit the sea organ and sun salutation at sunset. Watch the sunset at the harbour and soak up the atmosphere. Stay in the small old town area for the best location, and if arriving by train take a bus or a taxi as it’s a bit of a walk! The food and drinks here are a lot cheaper than the larger cities of Dubrovnik and Zagreb and it’s easy to find a great restaurant.

On a slightly different note. Can you think of one hidden secret of a favourite city of yours that people would likely skip past unless they knew about it?

I’m not sure how hidden this little bar in Paris is but I found it fun and quirky. You would walk right past if you didn’t know it was there. It’s called Le Zero de Conduite on Rue Jacob. To order your drinks you have to draw the corresponding character from the menu or act out the character. Then your drinks are served in baby bottles! So much fun!

Tara drink order at Le Zero de Conduite on Rue Jacob

Props on the amazing Babar sketch! Last question and it’s an easy one, where do you live on the internet and social media for people to come visit?

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